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Embedded devices app controller

Development of a suite for controlling embedded devices. The suite is built with Qt, and particularly, with the UI framework QWidgets.

It is built to cross-compile, both to Windows and MacOS (the Editor and the Configurator apps) and to Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS (the Player app).

The suite is composed of three applications:

  • Configurator

This is the main controller application, which allows to manage and set up the different network devices.





  • Editor:


An editor, which allows to create custom “layouts”, to easily handle an entire installation. The editor is available in Windows and MAC.




  • Player:


A player, which allows to execute the custom “layouts” created by the editor. The player is available in Windows, iOS and Android.
In particular, in an Android custom device the player is built as a launcher, so allowing the system to directly execute the player, removing all the Android fuzz and simplifying the interaction with the device.