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Learning from failures is moving forward in life.
I am a motivated and proactive engineer, versatile, enthusiastic and eager to keep growing and learning, following a continuous improvement approach.

Interested since my beginnings in the electronic design and, particularly in the programming of embedded devices and their firmware, in C and C++, with the Qt framework, I have acquired extensive experience in microcontrollers, as well as everything related to the control of these and their peripherals: from the drivers and access to their registers, up to the control of external devices, such as memories and DSPs.

In my professional career, at some point I wanted to try out the entrepreneurial world, and I embarked on different business projects, which, although they were not related to electronics or programming, have given me a broader vision of how the company and its different business areas work: marketing, finance and management. This experience culminated in the completion of an MBA to learn from the mistakes made and, thanks to this, I have developed my abilities of resilience, perseverance and adaptation to change.

Finally, evolving from the niche embedded world, following my startup-ish path, I have been growing more interested in the web technologies. I have developed several projects with the MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js) . Also, I have experience with Odoo (Python ERP) and with some server administration tools like Plesk and limited experience with Apache Server.


Where am I currently?

I am looking for growing towards more senior positions, project management and team leadership, either in the Valencia area or remote.